Winter Run

A few weeks ago, my husband had an appointment at the hospital, and they had advised him he wouldn’t be able to drive home.  I had planned to run in the afternoon and didn’t see how to fit my run into the day if I had to spend the afternoon at the hospital.  My husband had a great idea: he would take the car to the hospital, and I would run over there to drive him home.  It sounded perfect.

The weather on my phone said 35F. Chance of precipitation: 10%.  I put on my coat and hat and headed out.  It started to snow when I reached the corner.  Hmm, I thought, freak snowflakes.

A mile later, it looked like this:

The snow was very, very wet.  Thankfully, it wasn’t cold.  I had to keep stopping to wipe the snow off my sunglasses snowglasses.

At mile 3, it looked like this:

I don’t have a photo of me at the hospital, but I can say I was really grateful for the dry clothes I had sent in my husband’s bag.

What’s the craziest weather you’ve run through?

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