When a crummy run was what the doctor ordered

I felt rotten all day yeserday.  Achy head, nausea… blah blah blah.  I tried eating more than usual. I took some ibuprofen. Extra caffeine.  Nothing worked.  Was it allergies?  A storm front moving in? Too much sugar over the weekend? Who knows.

I had written “run 4” on my schedule for the day.  I like to think of my runs as appointment, not as “to do” items which are too easy to bump onto another day.  But I tell ya, I thought twice about going.  And then I thought a third time…


In the end, I went anyway and walked most of it.  My normal ratio of “run 12 minutes/walk 1minute” turned into “walk 12/run 1.”  The fruit trees were gorgeous. The fresh air and movement were good for my spirit, but no miracle happened in my body. I still felt nauseous, though I managed not to throw up on the trail (you dog owners can thank me later). Today I feel better.  Who knows what that little virus/barometric pressure fluke was about.  But today, I’m glad I went. Today, I’m glad I chose movement (even slow movement) over lying on my couch.

I wonder how often the things I temporarily dread are in reality those I most need?  Asking forgiveness, writing a bad first draft, running slowly, following through… what would you add to the list?

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