Quick Lit: June 2016

I have a stack of non-fiction I haven’t had the brains for this month.  But I have some good “Calgon, take me away!” titles for you, most of which fall in the middle of series that I already know and love.

Product DetailsHow the Light Gets In (Louise Penny)

I haven’t read the Inspector Gamache series in order.  I have enjoyed them all, but this may be my favorite.  (Don’t read it first, though.  Start with Still Life and go on from there.)  This book’s themes of light and belief are powerful without being preachy in any way.  I love how Penny layers her stories and themes with many levels and characters.  Highly recommended.

Product DetailsThe Last Precinct (Patricia Cornwell)

This is Kay Scarpetta’s eleventh adventure, and these two I have read in no particular order.  I could still give you a rough outline of the characters arcs, but I’d be fuzzy on the details of the running villains.  This one wasn’t my favorite but still served a purpose to pull me out my own stewing and into another world.

Product DetailsAnne of the Island (L.M. Montgomery)

Sam and the kids pulled of Anne of Green Gables to watch the other night, and seeing the divergence of the TV show from the books sent me back to Anne’s year at Redmond.  This is the book where Anne has her moment of revelation, but that’s not my favorite part.  The part I read again and again is Anne’s reflection on her dying friend, who has heartily pursued the things of earth the thus is terrified to go to heaven, which she is sure will be beautiful but won’t be what she knows.  This could be a stand alone, but don’t cheat yourself. Read them all.

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