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A Pity Party: You’re Invited

Fall is my favorite time to run. Long sleeves, crisp afternoons, slanting afternoon sun that makes everything look golden… what’s not to love?

But I’m not running this fall.

Welcome to my pity party. Thanks for coming.

Two weeks before our trip to England, I began having pain in my foot. A few more runs, and I was in constant pain. I stayed off it for a few days before we left and updated my footwear, but none of it made any difference. Our entire vacation, I was in pain with every step (and I took an average of 11,000 steps a day).

Scenes from a run last October


I have an appointment with a doctor (other than myself) on Monday. I booked it a month ago, but it took this long to get in with a doctor older than I am.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with my foot. My symptoms are a blend of plantar fasciitis, a peroneal tendon tear, and a navicular stress fracture, and I need someone with more experience than I have to help me figure it out. Meanwhile, I’ve been walking as little as possible, icing, resting, and trying not to go crazy.  I’m doing yoga and taking a few bike rides. Little by little, my foot has improved, but it’s not better enough to run.

So thanks for joining my pity party. Know that I relish hearing about every one of your gorgeous autumn walks in falling leaves and long runs as you prepare for your half-marathons. And know that when I can get back out on the trail, I will be the happiest one there.

Where have your lovely feet taken you lately?

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