Three authors to look for

I had the privilege of attending a Books and Tea event sponsored by the local chapter of P.O.E. International yesterday. P.O.E. is an organization that supports women’s education, and yesterday’s tea went to support several scholarships for women’s higher education around the world.

Three new-to-me authors spoke about their work, and I ended up buying three books that look so good I wanted to tell you about them before I’ve read them, since my TBR pile is growing taller by the minute.

First, Lydia Reeder shared how her book Dust Bowl Girls came to be. Product DetailsIt’s the story of a women’s basketball team at a tiny Oklahoma college in the 1930s.  Both the players and the coach sounded remarkable. As I listened to the author speak, I thought of The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown (my review here), which I loved and recommended (again) this week to a stranger I met in a coffee shop.

Jeannie Mobley talked about her three historical novels, Katerina’s Wish, Searching for Silverheels, and Bobby Lee Claremont and the Criminal Element. She talked about how she likes to write about current social issues but without the politics associated with them, and historical fiction gives her the opportunity to do just that.

katerina's.wish.frontcvr   Searching for Silverheels  BobbyLeeCover

I’m looking forward to all three of these novels.

Finally,journalist David Baron talked about his book American Eclipse.  It’s the story of some of the scientists who came west to do research during the 1878 total eclipse that passed from Montana to Texas while the west was still the Wild West.  cover-300-wide

You know I loved our eclipse experience in August, but I also love a good story and the history of science.  American Eclipse seems to promise all three.

What’s on top of your TBR pile?

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