Do you reread books, or are they one-and-done for you?

I am definitely a rereader. I have some favorites I read every year, and others I reread during times of stress.  When I was a kid, I reread Betsy’s Little Star (Carolyn Haywood) and An Alien Music (Annabelle and Edgar Johnson) about once a year. (These books have nothing in common except my fingerprints all over them.)

(No link for this book. The cheapest used listing I see is $243.01.)

As an adult my rereading favorites are Elswyth Thane’s novels, Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword, Connie Willis’s Blackout and All Clear, and Dorothy Sayers’s Gaudy Night. (These links are all to my reviews, posted previously on my other blogs.)  To me, rereading a book is like listening to a favorite piece of music, or contemplating a piece of visual art. The writing may not have changed, but as I change, I receive new insights in the rereading.

What are your favorite books to reread?

4 thoughts on “Revisiting

  1. The Queen’s Thief books, because I miss plot twists the first (and fourth times). The Bible doesn’t exactly count. C.S. Lewis, especially Narnia and essays (for the parenthesis). Madeleine L’Engle because she explained me to myself as much as Dad and Aunt Bev did. Gaudy Night is one of mine too.


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