A great time at the ALA and Rockrimmon Branch Library

Local authors Chris Goff, Jennifer Kincheloe, Nora Page and Mary Birk at the ALA

Last weekend (10 days ago, now) I spent an afternoon meeting librarians and readers at the ALA conference in Denver. I had a blast hanging out with the talented Shawn Maguire and managed to scare off only a few librarians.  I made a 30-second video with Alan Bourgeois, who is trying to meet 1000 authors in a year. (I desperately needed some water- you can see it in the video when my lips keep sticking to my teeth.)

All over the exhibit room were booths with information about citizenship. I hadn’t thought before about how libraries really are a first stop for immigrants. I know our own public library has all sorts of resources available for the citizenship class.

Three days earlier, I’d had the opportunity to teach a class on mystery writing to a group of homeschoolers in Colorado Springs. My hat is off to Karen Goates, the librarian there who puts together great programming. Not only was her vision for the workshop spot on, but every time I mentioned a book, she ran out to the stacks to bring it back for the kids.  During our workshop, the kids rewrote several classic fairy tales and myths as mysteries. I was impressed by their creativity and the support the library offers them.

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