Book Club thoughts

I was invited to speak in a book club last week. (Well, I was invited earlier, but went last week.) What a fun day! In fact, it was so good I forgot to take a photo.

It was a group of eight women: teachers and nurses and moms and pastors, mostly retired.  As book clubs do, they started by talking about the book (in this case, Lost Things) and then moved on to talk about texting with grandchildren and the benefits of long family road trips.

My favorite part of our discussion was hearing their thoughts on sexual harassment. It was a universal in their experience, and hearing the variety of ways women have dealt with it over the past half-century was enlightening. I was honored to be welcomed into their discussion.


If you would like to invite an author to your book group, our local Sisters in Crime chapter has a whole bevy of authors willing to come to you.  Or, we have an ongoing book group open to the public, which can be found here.

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