Don’t miss The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

The Dinner List: A Novel

Rebecca Serle’s The Dinner List starts with a great premise: choose five people, living or dead, you’d like to have dinner with, and your best friend will make it happen. Sabrina’s thirtieth birthday dinner is the fulfillment of the exercise, completed ten years earlier. Half the book is her dinner with her best friend, ex-boyfriend, father, philosophy professor and Audrey Hepburn. Never mind that some of the guests are dead, and that some of them aren’t speaking to each other.

The other half of the book, interspersed between the chapters about dinner, is the story of the past ten years as it unfolded. The structure kept me reading, and the narrative was bright, insightful, bittersweet and funny.

My dinner list: Jimmy Carter, Annie Dillard, Michelle Obama, Jerusha Matsen Neal and Hildegard of Bingen.  Or wait-  maybe Eleanor of Aquitane.  It’s so hard…

Don’t miss this book, and please put your list in the comments.

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