Bellwether by Connie Willis

Connie Willis’s Bellwether is a delightful romp through scientific discovery.  Willis is one of those authors who can do it all: aliens, time travel, ghost story, western, historical, social commentary, romance, and satire. Bellwether could serve well as gateway Sci-Fi: it’s about science, but there are no aliens, no space ships, no deadly viruses.

Sandra Foster, PhD, is a sociologist working at a tech company in Boulder. She studies fads and what causes them. Her company has plagued her with an incompetent assistant, a new simplified funding form (only 69 pages), and a bevy of performance-improving acronyms, the latest of which is GRIM.  Willis’s humor shines through the pages of this novel, and Foster is a character we root for, even as the stakes mount around her. Meanwhile, Willis paints a powerful image of the root of scientific discovery.


Kate Reading’s lovely reading catches all the irony, all the charm, in this delicious cast of characters. Highly recommended.

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