Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

I stumbled across a Twitter recommendation for Kate Clayborn’s books and began with Love Lettering, the story of Meg Mackworth, an artist with a successful business of hand-lettering who makes a mistake that threatens her career.

The story is so emotionally true. There are no shortcuts, no easy outs for her characters. People make real mistakes that have consequences but don’t doom them forever. I loved it.

Love Lettering_TRD .jpg

Then I moved on to her Chance of a Lifetime series, about three friends who buy a lottery ticket than changes their lives.

Other than the emotional content of Clayborn’s books, what I love best are that her characters have real lives. Real jobs they’re passionate about. Meg Mackworth really cares what’s going to happen with her lettering business. Kit Averin really loves materials science. The men who come to love Clayborn’s heroines are attracted to the passion they bring to their vocations. I loved that.

Count me as a big fan of these witty, complex, grown-up romances that rely on passion and grit instead of convenient coincidences.

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